Server-Based Networks – Installation and Support
Your small business can experience many benefits from a server-based network. These advantages include increased productivity, simplified file sharing, smart backup and archiving, and improved security of your data. Your office can now be accessible 24/7 and vital data can be stored in a central shared space where all employees can access it and collaborate on files, all while feeling secure with your data guarded by firewalls and antivirus.

Data Recovery
Ever lost data on your computer system? Most computer users believe that once their data is lost, it’s lost forever, but that isn’t necessarily true. Data recovery solutions allow you to have faith in your computer. With both data recovery specialists, and specialized software available to help retrieve your lost data, the next time you lose important data you will have options available to you that will help you get your data back. Ask us about automated backup solutions. The cost of implementing a proper backup solution is ALWAYS lower than that of data recovery.

Data, Voice and Audio Cabling
Your network is only as good as your weakest link, which is typically the cabling. Adding further importance and strain on your cabling infrastructure is a growing demand for multi-media capabilities.

Data Cabling
Network cabling carries the lifeblood of your organization- information. To minimize expensive data network problems, we follow strict data cabling installation and testing guidelines.

Voice Cabling
Our voice cabling installation techniques provide clients with the flexibility to install any combination of phones, modems, and analog lines at any location.

Home Theatre and Audio Cabling
If you’ve ever dreamt of the ultimate home theatre experience, our home theater and audio cabling may be for you. Our installation will be performance-based, all the while respecting building codes and remaining esthetically pleasing.

Security Cameras – Installation and Support
Security cameras can give peace of mind, whether you’re keeping an eye on children at play or securing private commercial properties. Cameras differ in their suitability and our consultants will ask a variety of questions to ensure that you have the proper equipment for your needs.

Expansion and Upgrades
We can assist with the installation of external and internal devices, software, and memory to your computer, while also providing data transfer services from one PC to another.

System Maintenance
We provide system backup, allowing you to save critical data to a secure location or onto a storage device. We also help optimize your system by providing spyware and removing viruses.

Leasing and Financing
Computers Etc. Timmins’ partners provide cost-effective financial solutions, so that you can take advantage of current technology, all while conserving precious capital.