How Server-Based Networks Boost Small Businesses

Any small business can benefit from the advantages of a server- based network. Putting a fast and well-equipped server to work can increase your productivity, enable smart backup and archiving, and vastly improve the security of your data. And once you have simple application and file sharing in place, the addition of network attached storage—an easy and cost-effective upgrade—brings another array of benefits to your business.

Benefits of Server-Based Networking

File Management: Store your vital data in a central shared space where all workers can access it whenever necessary.

Mobility: Your office can now be accessible 24/7. You can tap into your network’s resources, including e-mail, from anywhere around the world.

Collaboration: Workgroups can work together sharing schedules, files, and whatever else they need to get the job done.

Security: Control access to critical and private files on a person-by-person basis, and with the inclusion of a firewall, the entire organization can be guarded from external intrusions and attacks such as viruses.

Performance: The last thing you want to see is an employee sitting around waiting for a simple database recalculation or print job.